Five Measures to Reduce The Harm of Smoking After a Meal

Although we all know that smoking is harmful to health, but many people still can not abandon the habit of smoking. “A cigarette after a meal, it’s nuts”, in fact, smoking after a meal most easily damages lung, liver, brain and heart blood vessel, bring a lot of diseases to male friends, the harm is very great. Scientific studies show that, gastrointestinal peristalsis increases in men body after dinner , blood circulation speeds up and the absorption capacity of smoke is also the strongest. So harmful substances in cigarette are more easily absorbed by the human body, toxic dose is larger than the total amount of ten cigarettes.

  1. Cigarettes contain many harmful radiation, the damage to the bronchial and lung tissue is very large, and many elements in tea has good anti radiation function, for smokers drinking tea while smoking can very well resist radiation, it is more beneficial to health.
  2. Long-term smoking can lead to cardiovascular disease, eating more fish, persimmon leaf tea and other food can effectively prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Tobacco tar contains benzo pyrene substances, which are very harmful to the human body. Vitamin B2 can decompose this substance, and then expel through the cellulose’s role in vitro. So we should also eat more food rich in vitamin B2 and containing rich vegetable cellulose.
  4. Vitamin C can effectively fight against nicotine composition in cigarettes, increase cell resistance, maintain vascular elasticity. Foods rich in vitamin C include lemon, orange, red dates, tomatoes, cabbage, hot pepper, balsam pear, rape, radish, cauliflower and many other kinds of fruits and vegetables, so smokers usually should eat more these fruits and vegetables to protect physical health.
  5. Iron and vitamin 12 can effectively relieve oxygen barrier, is the necessary element the human body cannot lack, so smokers usually should eat more iron containing foods, such as animal liver, meat, kelp, soy, egg yolks, still need to add some more food rich in vitamin B12, such as milk, egg, fish, beer, etc..

Smoking after meal on health brings huge hazard and of course the best way to eliminate the harm is to quit smoking, if you really find it difficult to quit, trying the above methods can effectively reduce the harm of smoking. Moreover, for sake of health, you might as well have a try on Best E Cigarette Vamo V5, really suitable for being taken as a stop-smoking aid.