Smoking Has a New Face But a Less Dangerous Choice

In a survey, it’s found that 16 per cent of the Canadian population smoke on a regular basis starting at the age of 15 or older. The percentage never seems to have changed for few years. 90 per cent of the people try to quit smoking but they have suffered a lot with the addiction and find it very difficult to quit. E-cigarette was invented to help addicts quit tobacco smoking. E-cigarettes are a cylindrical structure made of stainless steel or plastic that looks like an ordinary cigarette without tobacco content. They come in two difference varieties, disposable one and a refillable one. Electronic cigarettes have come with very good improvements in the recent years.
This is discovered with a motto of changing the traditional tobacco smoking. An electronic cigarette contains liquid nicotine which has water, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and the flavour whereas a normal traditional cigarette contain over 4000 chemical including nicotine. The use of Electronic cigarette in Canada is completely a choice of an individual. Like improvements happenings to other products, even e-cigarette has a great growth. Their performance has improved to a great extent. It is not required to refill the cigarettes regularly. They also come with a long standing battery and well equipped accessories that are good enough to hold e-liquid for whole day. You need not carry the e-liquid refill everywhere. Vaping needs a gentle and longer pull than the traditional cigarette smoking and they release only a light odour.
The mechanical smokeless cigarette was at first invented by Herbert Gilbert. The Electronic cigarette that produces vapour was invented and developed by Hon Lik of Hong Kong in the year of 2003. ‘Ruan’, is the name of the first cigarette which means ‘almost like smoke’. Earlier, Electronic cigarette in Canada was not marketed or sold because the health department of Canada did not evaluate the safety and quality of the e-cigarettes. Later in 2010 and 2011 many Canadian e-cigarette companies were started online. In Canada, electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine will fall under the food and drugs act and they require authorization by Health Canada for marketing and before being imported, sold or advertised. Most of the electronic cigarettes are sold and marketed online in Canada. In United States, the food and drug administration authorities keep proposing new regulations for e-cigarettes. This regulation tells a seller how the product can be marketed, advertised and they also ban the sales of electronic cigarettes to minors.
Smokers who want to quit smoking and find it difficult to quit, commonly use electronic cigarette that has evidence that the devices are helping. The use of small amount of nicotine content in these types of cigarettes help addicts quit smoking. Most of the parents have stared vaping than smoking when they are at home with their babies. It’s also used by a person who does not want to go out for a smoke every time because this can be used in offices, restaurants and anywhere.