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The Benefits of Using a Chiropractic Approach to Weight Loss

Chiropractic medicine is generally associated with back treatments, but is actually a form of holistic medicine. For instance, practitioners like Dr. Anne Miller provide safe, effective weight loss help to patients in Canandaigua, NY. Clients who visit her weight loss center are offered personalized programs that speed fat burning. They also learn how to manage diets to achieve long-term health and maintain ideal weights.

Why a Chiropractic Weight Loss Approach?

Patients who have failed to reach their target weights often benefit from a holistic approach. That means their doctor considers a whole-patient approach instead of simply recommending diet pills or more exercise. At a chiropractic Weight Loss Center Canandaigua patients learn how their diet affects every area of life. Their practitioner is concerned about their minds and spirits, as well as the condition of their bodies. Patients learn to work toward harmony in all three areas. That helps them improve their self-confidence as they begin to feel better physically.

A Custom Plan Encourages Success

Another primary difference in holistic weight loss is its custom approach, rather than the more usual one-size-fits all programs. Holistic diets begin with a careful health assessment and then each patient embarks on a 6-week plan. They see their doctor once a week. That allows them to discuss any problems they have sticking to their eating plans as well as any other concerns. They are carefully weighed and measured along the way and their doctor provides feedback based on their weekly findings. That allows them to modify plans as necessary.

Dietary Changes and a Supplement Speed Fat Burning

Chiropractic plans work very well because they are based on sound, healthy principles. Patients eat 24-30 ounces of healthy, low-glycemic foods each day. Meals are designed to be nutrient rich and anti-inflammatory. In addition, patients take a fat burning supplement called Chiro Thin. It is very healthy and contains essential nutrients which encourage fatty acid metabolism. It also speeds metabolism, detoxifies the body and helps stabilize blood sugar.

Patients who struggle with weight loss often succeed using a holistic chiropractic plan. The program is doctor supervised and tailored to each client’s needs. Patients learn how to modify their diets and lifestyles to achieve overall well-being.